Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Xar ("Chitters") from GZG

The Xar - often known to human troops as "Chitters" from the rapid clicks and chirps of their speech - are an eight-limbed exoskeletal insectoid race, with six walking limbs ending in three-clawed feet and an upright torso with two manipulating arms.

So says the GZG website, and who am I to argue?

Each Xar miniature consists of 2 parts, a 6-legged lower body and integral base plus a torso/arms/head casting with weapon or other equipment as appropriate.

Continues the site, and it's all true!

I confess; when I first got the figures and held the torso parts to the leg parts I thought they looked a bit awkward and odd. The torso fits at the central point where the legs meet. I was expecting an off centre join with some kind of abdomen like an earthly insect. I was wrong, and I'm glad. 

These guys have really grown on me. Their foot/claw arrangement makes them look highly mobile and the join doesn't look unnatural at all, especially when painted up. The detailing around the face is not perhaps as sharp as I'd like, but that's just me looking for fault where there is none.

I'm going to use these as a light mobile force for my Kra'Vak. I really need to get my Kra'Vak painted.

Ive just realised; this is possibly the second time I have painted a full range! I'm pretty sure Jon has more of these up his sleeve though :)

Xar with beam rifles:

Xar leaders with beam pistols:

Xar command and comms:
(Well camouflaged against the roof top!)

Xar with grenade projectors:

Xar with heavy beamers:

Edit - I have been asked to provide some comparison shots to show how big these guys are. The bases are 20mm in diameter, which is a good fit for the pennies I usually use. I think UK pennies are 20.3mm.

The figures used for the comparison shot are from (L to R): Brigade Games, Armies Army and GZG.

I also thought I'd take a shot of them from behind. I tried to make their backs look a bit fleshy and unappealing.


  1. Top figures and great paintjob, they really have come to life.

  2. Think I have found my next alien race to collect.

    1. I hope Jon's going to announce some additions to the line. What you see above is one of everything so far.

  3. Yes, very 'unappealing'
    - >a bit fleshy and unappealing

    But great looking aliens and paint job. I'll be coming back here when I come round to painting the few I have in around 2019 to re-check your colour scheme.

    1. Thanks Jimboba, I have a similar painting queue, I think!
      Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.