Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Xar ("Chitters") from GZG

The Xar - often known to human troops as "Chitters" from the rapid clicks and chirps of their speech - are an eight-limbed exoskeletal insectoid race, with six walking limbs ending in three-clawed feet and an upright torso with two manipulating arms.

So says the GZG website, and who am I to argue?

Each Xar miniature consists of 2 parts, a 6-legged lower body and integral base plus a torso/arms/head casting with weapon or other equipment as appropriate.

Continues the site, and it's all true!

I confess; when I first got the figures and held the torso parts to the leg parts I thought they looked a bit awkward and odd. The torso fits at the central point where the legs meet. I was expecting an off centre join with some kind of abdomen like an earthly insect. I was wrong, and I'm glad. 

These guys have really grown on me. Their foot/claw arrangement makes them look highly mobile and the join doesn't look unnatural at all, especially when painted up. The detailing around the face is not perhaps as sharp as I'd like, but that's just me looking for fault where there is none.

I'm going to use these as a light mobile force for my Kra'Vak. I really need to get my Kra'Vak painted.

Ive just realised; this is possibly the second time I have painted a full range! I'm pretty sure Jon has more of these up his sleeve though :)

Xar with beam rifles:

Xar leaders with beam pistols:

Xar command and comms:
(Well camouflaged against the roof top!)

Xar with grenade projectors:

Xar with heavy beamers:

Edit - I have been asked to provide some comparison shots to show how big these guys are. The bases are 20mm in diameter, which is a good fit for the pennies I usually use. I think UK pennies are 20.3mm.

The figures used for the comparison shot are from (L to R): Brigade Games, Armies Army and GZG.

I also thought I'd take a shot of them from behind. I tried to make their backs look a bit fleshy and unappealing.

Friday, 26 February 2016

SLAP Miniatures Kickstarter

SLAP Miniatures launched their Kickstarter today for a really nice looking range of Global Defence Forces.

Stuart has 30 riflemen, all unique sculpts, and 6 different support troopers. Over the course of the campaign he'll be sculpting 4 more of each type of support trooper. If you bung him a ton, he'll even sculpt your own idea for a figure!

Just look at these beauties!

Stuart had written a nice article for Dropship Horizon, link below, and the link to the Kickstarter is there.

He is sensibly keeping the Kickstarter small so that he can deliver quickly and stay solvent! There are plans to expand the range however, and previews of the dollies for the evil forces and the civilian/scientist figures are on the Kickstarter page.

Have a look at what he has to say here:

Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

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By way of apology here is a picture of a dog dressed as Cthulhu.

Skullduggery Press Factions

Skullduggery Press have revealed a few pictures of the factions they'll be making in their 15mm SciFi range.

These are a series of adverts that are inspired by the old school ads that appeared in Dragon back in the day.

With the previews of the ship's released last month, this looks like being a range that is going to set new standards in 15mm sculpts! Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Lazy Forger Grav Bikes

The Lazy Forger/The Lazy One otherwise known as Giacomo Pantalone, 3D sculptor extraordinaire, has a Shapeways shop that held my interest for a long time. I think I first saw the figures he makes as he was developing them and posting pictures on the Lead Adventure forum. (I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong!)

It contained some of the nicest droids around, including some mounted on stunning little grav choppers.

I finally got round to ordering a platoon of the Agis mod a couple of years ago (he also makes a Sohei mod with different heads but they look a bit oriental, which I don't think works quite so well personally). As well as the figures in the photos below, it included 30 or so infantry figures and I think it was reservations I had regarding these that caused me to wait so long before painting them.

It's not that the models are as fragile as people have suggested, although they certainly are less robust than metal figures. Rather, they don't have an integral base, and are too fine to pin. They do take glue well, but I think it may remain a weak point. We'll see...

Those problems don't apply to the grav bikes or the command pod however. They take a drill well, and paint up nicely. It took a couple of layers of undercoat to get a decent covering, but I think they're well worth the effort and would recommend anyone to take a look. He sells small sample packs if you're not sure.

Have a look around the shop here: