Sunday, 22 May 2016

Armies Army BTR160s

One of my favourite vehicle ranges, this. I only have a few of the various modifications available, it's a versatile old range.

Seen below are some APCs, some heavy APCs, a mortar vehicle. A MGS and an engineer vehicle. I only have five hulls, but the turrets and the mortar can be switched out to suit whatever I have in mind for them.

A bit of a quick paint job, but these are seen as serviceable, un-fussy vehicles.

Friday, 13 May 2016

White Dragon Miniatures hab block and barricades

I was very excited today to receive the new hab block and barricades from White Dragon Miniatures. Standing 9cm high (3.5") and approximately 9cm x 10cm (3.5" x 4") square, it is a very impressive piece. The resin is surprisingly lightweight, but holds the detail very well; there are some nice crisp lines here and a lot of very fine detail.

Using a mix of physical and digital sculpting media, sculptor Giacomo Pantalone, "The Lazy Forger" has managed to get some incredible detail into this piece, from the bullet damage to the shutters on the windows in various states of what I'm calling open-and-closedness.

There are ac units, ducts and wires in various states of repair and some lovely rubble on the roof where some part of the structure has collapsed. The odd tyre and blanket are carelessly strewn around too.

One of my favourite pieces of detailing is the crumbling doorframe with bullet holes standing testimony to attempted forced entries. Lovely stuff.

Also newly released are a couple of sets of barricades. The first, plainer set represents what I am informed are called Jersey Barriers. Straight and curves sections, both sporting a satisfying amount of wear and tear without going over the top. They're the sort of terrain piece you didn't know you needed until somebody made them. They'll probably be a part of every table I set up from now on. The longer sections are approximately 5cm (2") long, the shorter ones half that.

Finally, we come to the "Rubble Defensive Line". These appear to be based on the aforementioned jerSey barriers, but have all sorts of rubbish piled against them and thrown across them.
Look at them, go on just look at them.

Have you looked at them?
Lovely aren't they!

Retailing at £20, £5 and £7 respectively, they're not the cheapest of pieces, but they're not at all unfairly priced. They represent the top end in terms of quality.

IMHO, as the kids say.
(Or probably said a few years ago...)

See for yourself. They're available here:

(PS A little birdy tells me there might be some shanties coming soon from the same team but I don't know if I'm allowed to say that, so pretend I didn't. They look fantastic too though.)