Friday, 31 July 2015

White Dragon Miniatures kickstarter figures

The figures I painted for the WDM kickstarter are all ready to be posted now. I'll miss the little guys!

They were great fun to paint; the first time I think I've painted 15mm figures that have been digitally sculpted. The detail is amazing. I bought myself a magni-visor half way through these and then realised how much I'd missed!

Here are some more shots from the photo session I set up for the kickstarter update that has just come out. 

Enjoy - I certainly did!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

AV-7 Utility Transport VTOL "Fan Van"

Nothing says sci fi more than a big old van made airborne by a dirty great fan on each corner!

I've fancied some of these for a long while and recently gave in and bought myself a couple.

They need a bit of cleaning up and there's a slight gap around the middle to fill, but generally they go together very well. Don't believe what the GZG Website says; they have 11 parts, not 10!

Really looking forward to getting these classics ready!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Armies Army SKOV

The first couple of SKOV Irregulars; the new range from Armies Army.

 really liked the old RUSK figures from Armies Army, and these are the spiritual successors to those.

The figures themselves are a huge improvement, in my opinion. The detail is crisp and the proportions are much better. Difficult to really gauge the 'character' of the sculpts seeing as they all have ski masks, but the poses are very nice, some superb.
More to follow, where you'll see what I mean, but for now here are the two I've done so far.