Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cthulhu Wars

When I started this blog, I intended it to include a certain amount of Lovecraft inspired miniature painting. That's partly the reason for the name of the blog.

That hasn't exactly happened. Well, not yet.

I am, however, about to start work on my friend's Cthulhu Wars game but because I want to keep this blog for 15mm figures as much as possible, I have decided to blog my progress with the game on my other, non-sci fi blog, Ralph's Little World.

If you're interested you can follow the progress over the next few months here:

Monday, 2 January 2017

Captain Bytt and Crew

Captain Bytt and his crew are from Critical Mass Games in their mercenary range.
[Edit: I have since learned their names. They are (L-R) Mr Knocks, Captain Bytt, Nyoda, B-BE and Mr Slaps]

The detail is exquisite and looks very much like it was sculpted by the enigmatic PF, whose work I try to pick up when I spot it.
This pack is clearly a civilian/technician team, but the accompanying pack "Captain Bytt's hired guns" will give them a bit of firepower when I get round to painting then.