Saturday, 19 December 2015

Armies Army Russian Feds

A few previews of the forthcoming Russian Feds miniatures from Armies Army.

Modelled on their recent SKOV range, these figures feature new helmets and exo-suits.

Not sure whether they'll be the regular arm of my SKOV force or the government opposition yet.

Whilst I had my camera out, I thought I'd take the opportunity to snap some of the other figures I've painted recently.

The ClearHorizon War Drone squad and the HADES Ghost team:

Who can they be looking for? Perhaps it's one one these guys from

ClearHorizon Miniatures APE Combat Robots

More 15mm miniatures with seperate heads, which is a remarkable concept at this scale. It really works when done right, which these certainly are. I used all three variants to see how they look but I think I prefer the version with the big black visor.

Really nicely sculpted and cast miniatures that paint up really well. I got to use my new green paints from Scale75, a range that I'm thoroughly enjoying at the moment. Glad I took the leap to a whole new range. I have the NMM sets on my letter to Santa, so another new challenge could await in the new year.

But enough about the paint, here are these superb figures:

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ground Zero Games NAC

Took a few photos of some of my NAC force recently. These were among the first 15mm Sci Fi figures I bought and painted. I didn't take any shots of the main part of the army, the grunts, who are stored in a separate box. I'll have to take some of them later.

Still trying to find the best way to photograph my minis, but I think I'm getting there.