Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Lazy Forger Grav Bikes

The Lazy Forger/The Lazy One otherwise known as Giacomo Pantalone, 3D sculptor extraordinaire, has a Shapeways shop that held my interest for a long time. I think I first saw the figures he makes as he was developing them and posting pictures on the Lead Adventure forum. (I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong!)

It contained some of the nicest droids around, including some mounted on stunning little grav choppers.

I finally got round to ordering a platoon of the Agis mod a couple of years ago (he also makes a Sohei mod with different heads but they look a bit oriental, which I don't think works quite so well personally). As well as the figures in the photos below, it included 30 or so infantry figures and I think it was reservations I had regarding these that caused me to wait so long before painting them.

It's not that the models are as fragile as people have suggested, although they certainly are less robust than metal figures. Rather, they don't have an integral base, and are too fine to pin. They do take glue well, but I think it may remain a weak point. We'll see...

Those problems don't apply to the grav bikes or the command pod however. They take a drill well, and paint up nicely. It took a couple of layers of undercoat to get a decent covering, but I think they're well worth the effort and would recommend anyone to take a look. He sells small sample packs if you're not sure.

Have a look around the shop here: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/thelazyone


  1. While the grav bikes are pretty cool (I like the Matrix style emitter disks) that command pod is the best part of the post. I love it! The strong colours are a daring move but I think they work here. Kind of reminds me of Simon Stålenhag's alien machines.

    1. Thanks! I painted the command pod first and intended to carry the theme through the whole range, but when I came to paint the bikes it felt wrong somehow. They needed to be a bit grubbier, and were nearly painted with a brassy scheme.
      I admit that I had to google Simon Stalenhag and I'm glad I did. Wonderful stuff, I see what you mean about the similarities.

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