Saturday, 19 September 2015

PMC2640 at Dragondaze

Today Matt and I ran a few demo games  of PMC2640 at Dragondaze in Newport.

The game seemed to go down well with the players as well curious passers-by. It seems odd to me that many of them thought that sci fi in 15mm was a novel idea. Hopefully they realised it's an extremely versatile and cost effective scale. I certainly tried to get that point across.

As we were sitting by the table as the venue slowly emptied and we were wondering if we should start to pack and leave, a group of 5 young lads casually asked how many players the game was for. I almost flippantly said "how many have you got?", adding that it's a co-op game with the bugs controlled by the game. So began the final, and biggest game of the day

Here is an account of what happened...

All was quiet. The local militia were investigating reports of large holes appearing in the vicinity.

The bugs and civilians appear at random during the game from random locations. Turn 1, and all three groups of civilians appear expecting protection from the militia, who are now engaged with the bugs.

The bugs start to go down easily, although the group in the bottom left need a bit of help from the colonists armed only with the odd pistol or rifle.

Women, children and vending machines first! 

The Private Mercenary Company appear and head towards the fleeing civilians to escort them to the safety of their stronghold from where they can be evacuated.
Their appearance doesn't go unnoticed by less human senses though...

The bugs are being taken down and good progress is made. What could possibly go wrong?

No sooner had the overgrown bug appeared than the militia and civilians open fire and take him down. Messy but efficient.

An all too familiar view. Nervous civilians pass the alien monuments and the cave where bug noises have been heard...

The militia on the right flank take a spray of acid and start to doubt whether they want to hang around.

Whilst the militia on the other flank flee from another large bug who gets finished off by the LMG team who have made superb progress to  come to their aid.

It all gets a bit much for the scientists, they try to make their escape through the swamp, covered by the LMGs.

The other two groups of civilians make better progress. 

But a group of bugs appear in the most inconvenient place; a bug hole on their unprotected right flank!

Off camera, the mercenaries react swiftly and deal with the bugs. The techs and the women and children make it to safety, but the scientists were last seen in the swamp.

All that remains is to decide whether to send a search party for the scientists, after all, it was their experiments that led to this situation. At least the robot vending machine is safe!


  1. Great write up Ralph. Game worked really well with each game playing quite differently.

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, if a little exhausting!
      Thanks again for organising that Matt.

  2. Really cool!
    Sounds like a fantastic intro to miniature wargaming those kids.
    The table and miniatures look very nice.

    1. Thanks Michael. I think they'd played some Games Workshop games before now but were looking for something different. Hopefully they'll be inspired by the versatility of 15mm scifi!