Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Armies Army/Khurasan comparison

Kull asked for a comparison of the Khurasan Neo-Arabs and Armies Army SKOV.

Who am I to refuse a character from one of my favourite author's works? ;)

I put the unpainted miniatures on the same bases as the finished minis for a proper height comparison:


  1. I salute you and I thank you for the prompt and explicative post!
    Your images do justice to the SKOV troopers, dispelling any misconception of 'bulkyness' I have to excuses to avoid placing an order for them!

    1. You're welcome.
      Those SKOV are lovely little sculpts, and they have some govt. forces coming very soon to fight with or against them. Full helmets and exo-suits. 😀

    2. If you'd like to see some comparison pictures from me, here are the miniature lines I have available

      ArmiesArmy - RUSKs
      15mmcouk - Security Alpha
      15mmcouk - Post-Ap Warriors
      15mmcouk - Rim Mercs
      Rebel Minis - Sahadeens
      Rebel Minis - Titan Marines
      Eureka - Ventaurans
      GZG - DPRG
      CMG - ARC Fleet Augments
      Old Crow -15mm Infantry (not the Slammers, the other range)
      Khurasan - Sepulvedan Insurgent Army
      Ozz.Osmy - New Vistula Legion
      Blue Moon - Post Human Command
      Blue Moon - Galactican Mercenaries
      Kremlin - Cyberian Death Kommandos

      So, if you were wondering about the relative sizes of some of these...just ask!

    3. I would actially. Could I see the Rebel, Eureka, Blue Moon, Oddzial Osmy and Kremlin with either GZG or the RUSK for reference.
      Do you have a blog?

    4. No but I'll give you a link to the comparison picture once I take it.

      Stay tuned here, I'll post it tomorrow or saturday.

  2. GZG DPRG - BlueMoon Post-Human - GZG CDF - Khurasan Sepulvedan

    GZG DPRG - Rebel Titan Marine - Ozzdial NVL - BlueMoon Galactican

    GZG DPRG - Eureka Ventauran - ArmiesArmy RUSK - Rebel Sahadeen

    As you can see the Sepulvedan and Sahadeen are the lithiest and smallest minis of the lot, while the Colonial Defence Force from GZG is incredibly tall and bulky and easily towers over them without even needing a base (I have based most of my minis on 1 Euro Cent coins or 15mm washers, I don't like 20mm bases).
    Next to the CDF man the largest miniature is the BlueMoon Galactican but at least he has the excuse of wearing a 'Halo'-type armor.

    And here for the grand finale

    Do you like my pics? Find them helpful?

    If so, next time I'll take some of the Kremlin Cyberians (now on sale from Mick Yarrow).

    1. Thank you, that is interesting.
      I'm surprised the DPRG is so much smaller than the CDF.
      The Rebel Sahadeen are smaller than I'd imagined too. I thought they might fit with the Khurasan Neo-Arabs but I'm not sure now.
      If you get time to take some photos of the Cyberians, it'll be good to see how they compare to the RUSK.

    2. As a rule of thumb the older a range is the smaller is, of course there are exceptions like the DPRG which are not that old and yet are closer to older lines.
      I can anticipate you that I plan to give the Cyberians the same colour schem I chose for the RUSKs and use them as an elite detachment of the same army using semi-powered armours.

      I can anticipate you that I plan to give the Cyberians the same colour scheme I chose for the RUSKs and use them as an elite detachment of the same army, using semi-powered armours.