Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Happy Burger franchise

I'm not entirely sure how the Happy Burger chain fits into the background fluff for The Ion Age by Gavin Syme but it has caught my imagination.

There's something appealing about a dystopian future where the burger franchise is run by 'happy' robots and the source of the food is best not considered for too long. It's all very Blade Runner.

So I bought some vending bots and happy burger bots a while ago and intend to make my own burger bar for them to populate eventually. In the meantime I'll have to be content ogling the one on Beighton' Shipyard and waiting for the next available franchise.

Some time ago somebody posted some posters to Fwacebook that really suit the feel of the Happy Burger ethos. I'm not entirely sure where they're from and hope I'm not infringing any intellectual property by posting them here. I am in no way passing them off as my own work and will make them down if requested.

They are wonderful pieces of art that will one day find their way into my gaming table in miniature form.

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