Sunday, 19 February 2017

ARC fleet Hydra mech (loadout 1)

I needed a mech for a scenario I found online that I want to try. The scenario was written for 40k forces, but for a different game. Not owning any 40k (and it being in the wrong scale anyway) I decided that I should replace the Orks with the lovely new Kra'Vak sculpts from GZG.

More of that later, when I've painted the alternative loadout and when I paint my Kra'Vak...

So after asking online and having a look around I settled on the Hydra mech from Critical Mass Games. Craig very kindly sent me a few extra pieces so that I can use the optional weapons I bought as well as the standard weapons that come with the Hydra and a rather nice weapon that looks like a plasma cannon of some kind. (That's it on the left of the mech in the pictures).

More on the optional weapons in a later post. I think it will really change the look of the model.

The mech itself is a great model, very clean casting with little cleaning required and it goes together very nicely with plenty of scope for posing. I ended up putting magnets in the shoulders to allow me to switch out the weapon options.

Naturally, I swapped the ARC fleet pilot for a Kra'Vak pilot from a GZG model. He's one of their older sculpts, but will represent a juve very nicely.

Hydra mech is available here:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Unarmed Xar

I've been rather busy painting figures for Cthulhu Wars recently but I made time to paint the latest Xar from Ground Zero Games.

A great addition to the range, I love the kung fu poses! I'll need to watch Falling Skies soon, I think...