Sunday, 19 February 2017

ARC fleet Hydra mech (loadout 1)

I needed a mech for a scenario I found online that I want to try. The scenario was written for 40k forces, but for a different game. Not owning any 40k (and it being in the wrong scale anyway) I decided that I should replace the Orks with the lovely new Kra'Vak sculpts from GZG.

More of that later, when I've painted the alternative loadout and when I paint my Kra'Vak...

So after asking online and having a look around I settled on the Hydra mech from Critical Mass Games. Craig very kindly sent me a few extra pieces so that I can use the optional weapons I bought as well as the standard weapons that come with the Hydra and a rather nice weapon that looks like a plasma cannon of some kind. (That's it on the left of the mech in the pictures).

More on the optional weapons in a later post. I think it will really change the look of the model.

The mech itself is a great model, very clean casting with little cleaning required and it goes together very nicely with plenty of scope for posing. I ended up putting magnets in the shoulders to allow me to switch out the weapon options.

Naturally, I swapped the ARC fleet pilot for a Kra'Vak pilot from a GZG model. He's one of their older sculpts, but will represent a juve very nicely.

Hydra mech is available here:


  1. Looks terrific, great job ! :)

    1. Thanks Vulture.
      Hopefully I'll be able to get the other loadout finished and up by the end of the week.

    2. That Mech looks great! I know it's for 15mm, but how big is it in actual terms?

      I'm curious now, what's the scenario that you saw? :)

      Very nice paint up too!

    3. Thanks! It's 60mm to the top of the open hatch, and on a 60mm round base.
      The scenario is Ork Hill from here:
      Not sure what to use for the marines yet. Either GZG NAC or Space Knights from SLAP Miniatures.

  2. Lovely model, and great work on it. Love the basing and the yellow on the weapons.

    1. Thank you. I haven't painted my Kra'Vak yet, but they'll be in black and yellow to match..