Wednesday, 3 August 2016

SLAP Miniatures Kickstarter - Space Knights

SLAP Mkniatures have just launched their latest Kickstarter campaign. This time they are releasing a set of 15mm Space Knights; heavily armoured SciFi troopers wearing armour that appears to be influenced by mediaeval knights with a touch of 40K space marine.

22 different bodies are available with about 25 different heads so that there are a lot of possibilities for some unique poses. Some of the figures have separate arms to further increase the options.

Their previous Kickstarter campaign was the Global Defence Force and some people were disappointed with the size of the figures, suggesting that they were a bit smaller than expected (they were 'true' 15mm scale, ie 15mm to the top of their heads).  Well, Stuart seems to have listened. He sent me a photo of one of the knights which shows it to be about 18mm to the top of the head. The slightly crouched pose means that this will be about as bulky as most figures currently on the market. The Paladins in the range look like they will be even bigger.

The figures are reasonably priced at £17 for the set. There is also the option to buy a random half dozen figures or multiple full sets.

Have a look at the campaign here: