Saturday, 19 December 2015

ClearHorizon Miniatures APE Combat Robots

More 15mm miniatures with seperate heads, which is a remarkable concept at this scale. It really works when done right, which these certainly are. I used all three variants to see how they look but I think I prefer the version with the big black visor.

Really nicely sculpted and cast miniatures that paint up really well. I got to use my new green paints from Scale75, a range that I'm thoroughly enjoying at the moment. Glad I took the leap to a whole new range. I have the NMM sets on my letter to Santa, so another new challenge could await in the new year.

But enough about the paint, here are these superb figures:


  1. Those are fantastic!! Very well done!! I'm painting some Clear Horizon stuff for my Sci-fi projects and they are lovely miniatures. Really like what you did there!

  2. Thanks gents. I've still got Harold's drop pod to paint. Really looking forward to that!